Laser Scanning by AVEVA™ & LFM

LFM Laser Scanning

AVEVA™ with LFM Laser Scanning; a Powerful Combination.

AVEVA™ and LFM’s goal is that for every physical asset, there should be a digital equivalent. Capturing the as-built condition of an asset using laser scanning is now a cornerstone of this process.

AVEVA™ Laser Scanning
Designed into the very heart of AVEVA Everything3D™ design solution, AVEVA Laser Model Interface™ fuses datacentric 3D design with high-definition laser scanned surveys of the real world. Brownfield plant projects, ship refits and conversions such as FPSOs have, until recently, relied on error-prone manual surveys; not always easy and, in many locations, hazardous to perform. All this has changed with the integration of sophisticated laser surveying technology with 3D design software.

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LFM Laser Scanning™
3D laser scanning has rapidly become an affordable, easy to use method of capturing detailed and accurate 3D representations of the physical environment.

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