Case Studies

Bringing tangible, measurable benefits to our clients

Read a selection of our case studies to find out how we helped our clients achieve tangible, measurable benefits.


Multiple Power Plants Identification Systems in AVEVA PDMS™

The “Kraftwerk-Kennzeichen-System (KKS)” is a Power Plants Identification System for the planning, setting-up and operating of power plants and has been in use for some time. Reference Designation System for Power Plants (RDS-PP) is the further development for the proven identification system for power plants KKS. Continue reading

Electrical Model

Intelligent AVEVA PDMS™ Catalog Management

A business unit uses a PDMS catalog to store and maintain complex equipment definitions for use in PDMS Design models. The functionality reflected the required sequencing and dependency of components. An application was developed to provide a catalog sequence and dependency utility to help the business unit to create and maintain the ‘templates’. Continue reading

AVEVA Global

Innovative Use of AVEVA Global™

The Maclellan Global Deployment Utility is an innovative use of AVEVA Global that enables the controlled transmission of user-selected files, directories and data from one server on a AVEVA Global network to any other server or servers on the same Global network. The utility also allows for controlled PDMS software deployment across the same AVEVA Global network. Continue reading

PDMS Clash

Global Clash Management in AVEVA PDMS™

Clash Management enables designers to eliminate one of the most common causes of errors and delays in construction.
Identifying and fixing these issues ahead of time has been one of the best uses of this technology. This low-hanging fruit can easily save a project hundreds of thousands of euros and weeks of wasted time waiting for components to be fabricated again. Continue reading

Piping Iso

AVEVA PDMS™ Piping Isometric Production Tool

A PDMS Isometric Production tool was developed to create a transfer file in Isodraft and then post processed it to enable certain switches, such as isometric layout and materials format, to be modified. The transfer file was then sent to Isogen to create the required isometric layout. This allowed a seamless migration from Intergraph to PDMS. Continue reading

Electrical Model

AVEVA PDMS™ Electrical Cable Modelling Tool

A PDMS Electrical Cable Modelling Tool to allow users to layout cable trays using a single quick main line route and then to automatically route any number of levels of trays, with different specifications. The route also could have additional points placed in the line to allow creation of tees, crosses, reducers and terminal bends. Continue reading