Our Methodology

Our Unique Methodology – Efficient Delivery Through Globally Distributed Teamwork

Benefits of a distributed team
Our talented team of engineers and developers is geographically distributed, and we believe this directly contributes to the success of the projects and offers benefits to our clients.

Team formation
We identify the right individuals to fill the required roles and form a complete, cross-functional team. Our expertise in the entire product development lifecycle, coupled with our experience in supporting distributed teams, means we know how to form the group necessary for the successful execution of your project.

Local elements
Having the right balance of local and distributed team members is important. We serve in a very involved project management and lead development role, while defining various other roles and orchestrating our team towards the successful development of your project.

Highly specialised skills
AVEVA Plant Engineering™, and related technology customisation and development skills are difficult to source. However, we employ some of the best talent in the AVEVA™ product specialist community. Our team possesses highly specialised expertise across various functions.