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Providing global support for our teams and consultants through our outsourcing solutions

Global Recruitment Service
We are able to recruit teams to meet particular requirements. We can do this from pulling together strong contacts in the flexible labour market. The difference with using us for this role is that we are fully engaged in the workplace and can identify strong candidates that will perform through leveraging on our intimate industry knowledge and experience.

The advantage of having this ability is that it may be that we can also use our own core team to drive and manage the output of these flexible teams. Additionally, this allows us to serve the wider industry spectrum of delivery.

Global Payroll Management Service
We offer a Global Payroll Management Service that allows us to put teams into any part of the world. With this we ensure that teams are properly supported in terms of local country taxation, labour leasing laws and settling in requirements. We provide a cohesive end-to end offering which uses our own internal capacity augmented to whatever else we need outside of this to deliver a required solution. All of this is of course with us ensuring that the quality of what we are doing and what we are involved with works.

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