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MacLellan Clash Manager
Global clash management with AVEVA PDMS
A complimentary alternative to AVEVA Clash Manager
MacLellan Technology Solutions has developed a Clash Management application that is a very powerful tool and is available for PDMS. It uses the built-in AVEVA E3D, AVEVA PDMS and AVEVA Outfitting clash detection capabilities and has many of the features of AVEVA Clash Manager. It is extremely fast, supports AVEVA Global and does not require a separate server and Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).
AVEVA PDMS produces a virtual 3D design model. This virtual model serves as a mock-up of the fully coordinated and integrated systems design. Through this virtual model, the aim is to anticipate and discover any potential problems, and thus rectify conflicts in the design phase, saving time, cost overruns and the wasting of materials and other resources.
Clash Detection and Management
Clash checks analyse the PDMS 3D model for overlapping geometries. They help designers to detect and resolve possible clashes before construction and production start and prevent unbudgeted changes from reaching the shop floor and construction site.
...effective clash detection enables designers to eliminate one of the most common causes of errors and delays in construction...
Clash checks can lead to substantial savings in the overall project costs and has been one of the best uses of this technology.
The MacLellan Clash Management application
The MacLellan Clash Manager application is much more than just another frontend to the standard AVEVA PDMS Clasher. The underlying mechanism makes innovative use of standard PDMS functionality and Dabacon database structures.
...a powerful, innovative application that enables both the detection and management of clashes throughout the plant development process and across global engineering locations...
General clash settings, such as tolerances and defaults, are set by the project administrator. Clash runs can be initiated by the designers at any time. Built in rules can determine clash owner, status etc. The interface makes it easy to change clash status, assign to another disciplines etc. all under full audit control. Approved clashes are never deleted and may be reinstated should any clashing item be moved. Revalidating clashes takes minutes rather than hours thanks to the innovative implementation using standard PDMS features . Combined with support for AVEVA Global this makes the MacLellan Clash Manager application a powerful tool for any Standard or Distributed Engineering project. See the Key Features and Business Benefits opposite for more detailed information.
 Key Features
  • All clash data held in PDMS Dabacon database
  • Supports AVEVA Global
    • All clash functionality is available at any location
    • All clash data can be distributed to / from any location
  • Supports Laser Scanning Point Cloud Data Integration through AVEVA Laser Model Interface (LMI)
  • Can be run interactively or in batch mode
  • Use of element associations greatly improves clasher performance
  • Supports user defined clash lists
    • Standard Obstruction Lists
    • Standard Volume and List Management
    • Standard Grids
  • Clash Statusing, Allocation and Approval
    • Fully configurable by the project administrator
    • Supports standard Statusing in PDMS for Engineering Status
    • Clashes can be promoted / demoted to the next logical status
    • Clash Status can be set automatically - Statuses of Resolved / Modified are set by the Clash Application based on predefined rules
    • Clash Status can be set manually - Statuses of Allocated / Approved / Rejected / Pending can be set by the authorised user.
 Business Benefits
  • Reduced Implementation and Support Costs
    • No need for costly database server
    • No need for Relational Database Management System
    • No need for associated licenses
    • Giving savings on operating costs
  • Track progression of clash with full audit trail
  • Clash approval mechanism through user authorisation
  • All the other business benefits of AVEVA PDMS Clasher application
 AVEVA Clash Manager
AVEVA Clash Manager is a design productivity tool for both practising 3D engineering designers and project managers.
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If you would like to know more about the MacLellan Clash Manager application for PDMS or would like to arrange a no obligation demonstration, please contact us.
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