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Newsletter November 2014

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AVEVA World Summit Berlin 2014
AVEVA World Summit 2014
Representatives from MacLellan Technology Solutions attended the 2014 AVEVA World Summit in Berlin from 14th to 16th October, 2014. We would like to congratulate AVEVA for arranging a tremendous World Summit 2014 which we attended on 14-16 October in Berlin, Germany.
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AVEVA World Summit 2015
AVEVA have announced that the 2015 Summit will be in Dubai. The Summit continues to set the benchmark for engineering technology conferences, showcasing new developments and drawing authoritative speakers from across the world's plant and marine industries.
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MacLellan Showcase
Innovative Use of AVEVA Global
Innovative Use of AVEVA Global
The Maclellan Global Deployment Utility is an innovative use of AVEVA Global that enables the controlled transmission of user-selected files, directories and data from one server on a AVEVA Global network to any other server or servers on the same Global network. The utility also allows for controlled PDMS software deployment across the same AVEVA Global network...
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Intelligent PDMS Catalog Management
A business unit uses a PDMS catalog to store and maintain complex equipment definitions for use in PDMS Design models. The functionality reflected the required sequencing and dependency of components. An application was developed to provide a catalog sequence and dependency utility to help the business unit to create and...
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Latest from AVEVA
Innovative Use of AVEVA Global
AVEVA E3D Insight, the Windows 8.1 app that enables project decision makers in the power, process plant and mining industries to view and approve AVEVA Everything3D™ designs from a touch-enabled device such as a mobile tablet is now available...
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The Digital Asset
AVEVA’s Digital Asset approach is unique in enabling best-in-class technologies to create, share and exploit a single, definitive source of trusted asset information through all stages of the asset life cycle. The capabilities and associated solutions around the life cycle constantly maintain...
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Selected AVEVA Presentations on the Web
Innovative Use of AVEVA Global
Laser Scanning by AVEVA & LFM
AVEVA and LFM's goal is that for every physical asset, there should be a digital equivalent. Capturing the as-built condition of an asset using laser scanning is now a cornerstone of this process....
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AVEVA E3D Insight™
AVEVA E3D Insight - The first Windows 8.1 app for plant design review. Visual, Inspect, Comment and Approve -- see AVEVA E3D Insight in action on a large touchscreen and a tablet.
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